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vcom,av converter,hdmi 1.3V



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  • Technical Specifications

    Version: HDMI 1.3

    Input: HDMI

    Output: RCA

    Output video format: PAL,NTSC

    HDMI resolution: 1080P/1080i/720p/576p/576i/480P/480i

    Max bandwidth: 165MHz

    Max baud rate: 6.75Gbps

    Input cable distance: ≤15m AWG24 HDMI standard cable

    Powered by Mini USB

  • Model
    Model No DD494
    SKU 200
    Product Type Screen Protector
    Input HDMI
    Output RCA
    Output Video Format PAL,NTSC
    HDMI Input Resolution 1080P/1080i/720p/576p/576i/480P/480i
    Size 66x55x20mm / 2.6x2.2x0.8in
    Packaging Color box
    CVBS Output Resolution 480i/576i
    Input Cable Distance ≤15m 24AWG HDMI standard cable
    Mini USB Input DC 5V 1A
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Warranty & Returns
    Return for replacement within 14 days after received the goods
    Warranty 12 months
    Return for Refund Within 14 days after received the goods
  • Will this work with the original Wii system?


    Does this work for the ps4?

    Of course. It is designed to convert any input/output. If you use some type of technology that only supports HDMI to display HD video with the sound and can't plug it into a standard TV with AV components, then this is your go-to tool so it can work.

    Would this work for an old nes system that only has an rca connection in order to connect it to my tv's hdmi input?

    Hi, this AV to HDMI Adapter can work to connect your HDMI input TV with your RCA outport old nes system as RCA is AV. Thank you.

    Will this work for Super Nintendo?

    No, unless you SNES has HDMI (IT DOESNT ). You need the opposite direction. This converts hdmi to rca. You need to convert RCA to hdmi.

    How do u power this if your tv doesnt have a usb port?

    You could use a wall charger and extension cord.

    What does RCA cable color mean?

    RCA plugs and sockets are conventionally color-coded to aid correct connections, yellow for composite video, analog stereo in white (or black) for left channel, red for right channel.

    - No more, we will continue to update -

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