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Save your money to shop in VCOM Online Mall, Just need to use the points! 

This is why we have to earn points.

How to earn points easily?

1. Get 15 points by verifying your member's email address for the first time.

2. Earn 6 points by the first time sign in to VCOM Mall every week, points will be increased 1 point after sign in the account 

    continuous in a  week. Recalculation will be done after the sign in is interrupted every week.

    A cycle will be recalculated every Monday, and the calculation of the sign in points will be limited once a day.

3. Earn 10 points by evaluating the product.

4. Earn 10 points by evaluating the news or article.

5. Earn 50 points each time by sharing us on a third-party platform and get a valid click, get up to 100 points per day. 

Please contact online customer service if you have any questions!