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Why register on Vcom?

Registration on this site is totally free and allows you to fill with your profile as well as checking out your orders and upgrade your membership level and also enjoy the disscount.

How to register?

It's quick and simple - just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Join free

To register on the site click on Join free in the login box on the Home page. Registration is quick and simple.

Step 2: Create your account

Fill with your Email address as your user name and your password, please read the Registration Agreement carefully and click the blank to confirm it's been read.

Step 3: Fill in forms

You could fill in your personal details in your account center which it only takes a few minutes to fill in and you will only ever have to complete the form once.

This information will allow us to develop and enhance the site with features and personalization tools and it's improtant for checking out your orders too.

  Important information about your data

If you register on this site:

· you can always access, change or delete the information you provide;

· unless you agree otherwise when you register, we will only send you emails that let you know when we respond to your question or for other service administration purposes;

· your personal details will only be used by Vcom.

When you register we ask for certain information from you (e.g. email address, country, username). Unless you agree otherwise when you register, we will only use this information:

· for administration procedures, such as when you need a replacement password;

· to contact you about a submission you have made to the website, including any content you provide;

· to monitor site statistics (e.g. number of registered users per country).

See our privacy policy for more general information.

Need more help? Simply email: b2b@vcom.hk or calling 0086-20-28265219